Friday, June 15, 2012

Mak Ngah ♥


Hi readers. Hmm this post extablish a story about my aunt and who was also my babysitter. We were really close. She’ve been like amother to me. I love her so much. But it seems like Allah loves her more. What can I do to stop it? Nothing *sigh*

MAK. That’s what I call her. She’s so kind. Caring. Understanding. Like a mother would do. She have 2 sons and 2 daughters. Her children and I, we’re so close to each other. We’re like siblings. .The eldest is Yusry. But we often call him, Abang Yus. The second one is Yuzlinawati, Kak Wati. The third is Yuzraimy, Abang Amy and the youngest is Yuzhafizah. But her nickname is Nana, Kak Nana.

Back then, when I was still a baby, my mama sent me to Mak’s. I was about 7 months. Mama works so she needs someone to take care of me. Mak always advised me to alwayas study hard. She said “Study hard, people will respect you. Educations are important, no matter where you go, what you do.” The words still fresh in my mind. I still can remember every bit of our times together although we’re far apart. I mean after I moved to KL, we’re distance. But the bonding, it will never fade.

It feels like only yesterday we were laughing and teasing each other. We’ve spent inordinate amount of time together. It’s a big lost for me. Seriously *wipe tears*. Mak and her children have been like my family too. And also Abah, Mak’s husband, my uncle. He’s a hardworking person. I know this man for a very long time. In fact, I knew this family for a very long time. I know the story. Every single story. And I know that they’re strong. They can face anything. Anything. InsyaAllah..

It was Thursday, 14 june 2012, 8.15 am. I was not schooling. Bhahahaha. I was actually still in bed when suddenly my mom knocked my door like our house was in fire -,- I was not in the mood but after I open the door, my mama told me the bad news. I was like *speechless*. I was taken by suprise. I know that Mak have cancer. But the last time I met her, about a month ago, she looks perfectly fine. But I don’t actually know the base of the story on how she was back in the hospital after we visited her. And out of the blue, BAM! She’s gone. I still can’t accept the fact that she’s actually gone. Maigaad my tears just can’t stop running down. Shiiii....

Abah was so sad. He called Abang Yus and my mama. He said he was stunt. He don’t know what to do. He’s blank. My mama asked us to pack our things and get ready to go back to Melaka. When we arrived at Mak’s, everyone was there. I was standing at the back door, crying. Trying to control myself. Then I kissed her forehead. She was so cold. Ice cold. She looked so pail.

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I feel like crying right now Ya Allah :'(

And for Kak Nana and family, be strong! There’s always sunshine beyond the rain. Okay? :’)

Mak Ngah. May Allah bless her soul. Al-fatihah..

Much Love and Assalamualaikum , Yasmin Soraya ♥