Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ayah ♥

Assalamualaikum and salam satu Malaysia. Ahakz.

As you know, today’s Father’s Day. So I was thinking, maybe I should share something about my awesome Ayah. Hihihik. The greatest Dad in the world I would say x) This man who saw me walk my first steps and the man who i first looked at and called Ayah and also the man who  i turned to in time of need and a man who doesn’t know much of what is being said about your gosipe but continues to listen. This is the man i call my Ayah
His name is Ab Rahman bin Ismail. He was born on 29th June 1970. He’s a harworking man. Strict but a loving person. Understanding and funny too. Sometimes panas baran lah jugak but still he tries to stay calm. I love him. He’s an open- minded person. You can talk to him on any topics. Politics, school stuff, boyfriends, crushes, teachers, educations or even about the world’s history. Seriously. He knows about everything  xD He also loves to watch National Geographic, Discovery Channel or something yang sewaktu dengannya. And guess what, my name was given by my Ayah. Only my name. The rest of my siblings were my mom’s choices. Lucky me :3
Everytime I think of him, I’ll cry. I miss him. We’re far apart. You guys are so lucky because your dad is so close with you. Eventhough most of you would say your dad don’t bother or care about you but at least you see him everyday. Maybe not often but still you’ll be seeing him. Or maybe for some kids who their dad hantar pergi sekolah, you guys dapat salam, cium tangan dia before masuk sekolah. Me? I’m not as lucky as some of you. You should be thankful and grateful.  All of those memories with him, Ya Allah, I can’t forget it. I love him so much. I know I’ve been rude to him most of the time but I love him. It’s just that, I’m afraid to tell him. Shy I would say. We were so close. We laugh. Teased each other. Went shopping together. Having dinner together. Break-fasting together. Went to Pasar Malam together. Everything. Even sometimes he took me to his office and we talked, or he’ll let me play with his laptop in his office. Hahaha! I miss that moment. Ohgod mata bocor pulak T.T
I still remember the time when my mom left us. We lived with our Ayah. He was the dad in the house. The mother in the house. He took care of us like our mother always do. He’s busy with his works but still manage to come back home as early as he can just to spend time with us before we go to bed. Or sometimes, we go out at 3 o’clock in the morning, searching for a stall to have some drinks or maybe eat. His Nasi Goreng Cina! Ahakz~ The best! Even my mom’s pun kalah babe! xD

And now, I lived with my mom and with my stepdad. No offence but I DISLIKE my stepdad. Sorry to say but he’s not my dad. My dad is my AYAH. ONLY AYAH. Only one and there’ll be no other. I am seriously miss him. Today’s he’ll be coming to KL to celebrate father’s day together. Can’t wait! Hihihik, although we’re far from each other but we still contact. We’ll otp or maybe texting. But not that often since both of us have our own commitment. Ayah remarried with Auntie Ina on Ist October 2011. And we'll be welcoming a new born family member. Ngeeee.

Not only that, about a month ago, I just knew from my mom that my Ayah actually pernah puasa Nazar just for me after I’ve lost my strawberrry nieves *some sort of disease*. I was so touched! Seriously. After listen to what mama have told me, then baru perasan! When I was a little kid, not that little lah but still little lah jugak, hahaha, Ayah once took me with him to a few mosques near our house. He gave a comb of banana to each of the mosque we ran into. That time, I wasn’t exactly sure what was going but now I knew what it was for. Mataku terus disaluti kaca *cewah* but seriously betul lah. Haihhh. I love my Ayah. And so should you! :D Now I have nothing more to say but I LOVE YOU. I have to thank my Ayah so much. He gives the best advice. He always told me 'Hidup yang berkat, hati yang tenang'. I don't know what would I do without him. Things are saved and better because of him :')
To Ayah, Min minta maaf atas segala salah dan silap. Min minta maaf if min pernah buat Ayah terkecil hati or terguris perasaan. Min doakan Ayah and Ibu baru bahagia dan berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat.And Ayah jaga kesihatan Ayah. Min risau pasal ayah tahu. Ayah dah lah jauh. If anything happen, susah. Ayah jaga diri baik baik tau. Min nak Ayah ada dengan Min nanti bila Min dah berjaya. Min sayang Ayah. No matter what people say about us Ayah, I will always love you, for A Thousand years. Hahaha like you always say ain't? You're the best! No one can replace you Ayah.  You're #1 :'D
P/s: To all the dads, daddies and fathers out there who actually do take care of their children, I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day! We appreciate you

Much Love and Assalamualaikum , Yasmin Soraya ♥