Saturday, January 1, 2011

Introduction :

It's weird to be doing an introduction to an introduction . but since this is the first time my blog will be read , its seems as good a time as any to do a little refreshing .

The other day I heard someone say "Youth is wasted on the young." I don't remember who said it , or if they were older , or younger or in the middle , but the line hit me and made me think . Sort of like when you see a truly beautiful sunset and it just settles in the back of your mind , makes you wonder about all the sunsets you've seen before . I don't want my youth to be wasted . The miles are zooming by and I know that if I don't slow down , I'll miss some of the best ones .

That is part of what I loved so much about working on this blog . Like I said , Miles to Go is one of those stopping points . Where I get to step back , take a breathe and count my blessings .

And Yes , I have so much to be thankful for .

Much Love and Assalamualaikum ,